Habitat Sale On Kids' Stuff Starts This Week

23/06/2009 18:51 | Updated 22 May 2015

Oh wow, oh wow, readers! The Habitat sale starts on June 25th, with many items discounted by up to 50 off the already discounted Sale prices, I'd be camping outside the night before to get my hands on the best bargains.

My top five picks (though there's no guarantee they will be in the Sale at this point) are these:

An acid etched metal shade featuring animal-shaped silhouettes etched around the shade.

Designed by Mimi'Lou for Habitat, the Leo lion wall sticker is altogether cooler than the average kids' wall art.

Gorgeous bright colours and simple design. Will jazz up plain bedding. Cute without being cutesy.

Four colourful clocks in a row, showing the time in New York, London, Paris and Tokyo. Confusing? Maybe. But no more complicated than a pooh bear, piglet and donkey friendship and we put that stuff on our kids' walls!

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