The Best On ParentDish - Friday 2nd October

05/10/2009 17:49 | Updated 22 May 2015

This week's top stories are:

Did you know that free babysitting in return is illegal without being registered? Two police officers in Milton Keyes have been babysitting for each other for the last couple of years. They were reported to officials by someone, thought to be a neighbour, and are now facing prosecution.

We have recently heard of a breastfeeding doll from Spain and that already seemed a bit unusual. Now it's the homeless doll's turn. Yes, you read it right - a toy manufacturer in America has produced a homeless doll. The doll, named Gwen Thompson, has her own sad story (her father abandoned the family, her mother lost her job, Gwen had to live in a car). Would you like your child to know that life can sometimes be so difficult?

Something you might want to consider next time you're buying chocolate for your little one...

According to some, even very young babies know when they need to go, so all you need to do is to figure out how they communicate it. Potty training from birth?

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