29 Things To Do Before You Have A Baby

09/11/2009 09:18 | Updated 22 May 2015

Ever written a list of things you want to achieve in your lifetime? What about those things you want to do before undertaking the responsibility of becoming a parent? A recent poll has discovered the top 29 things women want to do before they have a baby, and the results are a little surprising.

Top of the list is travelling the world, which beat buying a house or getting a career off the ground. Other entries in the list include running a marathon, bungee jumping and learning another language. I can't exactly say any of those are on my list, but it's great to see that the recession isn't limiting us in terms of our sense of fun.

Why 29 things though? Apparently, this is the average age women are now having their first child.

The poll, carried out by emergency pill contraception Levonelle, featured some slightly odd choices and some common sense choices too. Falling in love, saving money and own a car are all things that will make motherhood a little easier. Learning Spanish or how to ride a motorbike are probably less likely to help (unless you want to raise a multilingual child)

The results go on to say that 33 think living life to the full is the most important. This is probably due to 53% of those questioned believing that having children reduces your ability to be spontaneous.

Here's the full list of things to do

1) Travel the world

2) Buy a house

3) Get married

4) Establish a good career

5) Pay off debts

6) Become fully qualified in a profession

7) Pass driving test

8) Establish financial stability

9) Save money

10) Take part in an extreme sport, such as skydiving, bungee jumping or abseiling

11) Own a car

12) Renovate a house

13) Fall in love

14) Learn another language

15) Have a good social life

16) Achieve goal weight

17) Live or work abroad

18) Learn to play a musical instrument

19) Get fit

20) Learn to swim

21) Run a marathon

22) Set up or run a business

23) Move to a new location

24) Teach at home or abroad

25) Learn to horse ride

26) Learn to ride a motorbike

27) Publish a book

28) Learn to deep-sea dive

29) Climb a mountain

What did you always dream of achieving before motherhood?

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