Twitter Follow Friday On ParentDish UK

14/01/2010 22:17 | Updated 22 May 2015

Here are our favourite parenting Tweets of the week from some of the parents we follow on Twitter. Follow ParentDish UK on Twitter to join the discussion!


@samwilloughby: Already time to toddle to school as still on early closing cos of snow, some melting going on so may make it to a real shop tomorrow woo!


@talkingbaby: Dannii Minogue says "Woo hoo I'm gonna be a mummy!" on her Twitter page. Congratulations


@jumblyMummy: Lara hasn't so much "eaten" her pitta bread for lunch as "re-distributed" it!


@20somethingmum: Mini thinks she's having Car Bananas for dinner, not Carbonara. And Olive Oil is now Olive Eel. Lol


@makedomum: Right, got to get to baby group without falling on my arse

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