Twitter Follow Friday On ParentDish UK

24/11/2017 06:14 GMT

Here are our favourite parenting Tweets of the week from some of the parents we follow on Twitter. Follow ParentDish UK on Twitter to join the discussion!


@JJButtcracker: Sorry to all the iPad haters out there, but I totally want one. Would make a killer Mother's Day gift, if anyone is listening! :)


@savvydaddy: is laughing at passing gas naturally funny or learned behavior? my sweet 1yo girl let out a man-toot & can't stop laughing


@InsomniacMummy: The 8 month old has just nicked my glasses! Life in soft focus is actually quite nice :)


@Tertia: My son insists on being called by his new name: 'underground sneak bomb spy'. You try calling that in a hurry.


@VeryBoredHouse: just been banished by the boy 'mummy go on the computer!' seems Pappy is more fun today!