29/03/2010 17:14 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

ParentView: Ritmo Brings Classical Music To You And Your Bump

We've discussed recently the benefits of playing music to your children, and Gia recently reviewed a classical music CD aimed at babies. Now an American product has reached UK shores, which promises to give expecting mothers the chance to share classical music with their unborn baby.

The Ritmo is an elasticated sling that sits around your baby bump, playing classical music whilst you also listen through your speakers. It's not going to win any fashion awards with it's simple design, but it might contribute to the "Mozart effect", which see an increase in brain development occurring in children when they listen to classical music (which tends to be more complicated than pop, rock and rap).

Bearing in mind it's important to still remain fairly active during pregnancy, you could pop this gadget on under loose clothing for a decent walk around the block. Just hook it up to your MP3 player and you're away!
The makers behind the Ritmo have taken the sensitive hearing of a developing child into account, and will therefore continuously monitor the sound levels of the music.

It would be interesting to see whether the Ritmo might calm a restless baby too.

You can order it from the Nuvo-Group fro £99.99

Have you tried out the Ritmo? What did you think of it?