27/05/2010 23:42 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Tip Of The Day: How To Save Energy At Home

Even though by this time of year we don't usually have the heating on, those household bills keep on coming. If only we could train our families to be more energy-efficient. I have tried rigging up the children to a treadmill, but sadly it didn't provide enough electricity to power a long-life lightbulb.

Phil Levermore, Managing Director of Ebico, a not-for-profit gas and energy supplier, recommends the following energy saving tips. He says that Ebico's customers have on average saved 10 of the energy that washing machines use goes to heating the water, so switch to a cooler wash. Washing at 30°C uses a third less electricity and can be just as effective for a normally soiled load. Plus, modern washing powders are designed to now be more effective at lower temperatures.
• Dry your clothes outside – this way you'll save energy normally used by your tumble dryer. In the winter, put your clothes on a clothes horse rather than on the radiator, as covering the radiator will make your boiler work harder than it needs to.

Source [Ebico]