Medics Claim Aspirin Could Cut Pre-Eclampsia Risk

23/11/2017 22:22 GMT

New guidelines issued by the NHS say taking aspirin during pregnancy could cut the risk of pre-eclampsia for thousands of women.

Pre-eclampsia affects as many as one in 20 first-time mums, and it is thought to result in the deaths of 600 babies per annum - the only treatment being an early delivery by Caesarean section.

The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) is now recommending that women with high blood pressure and who are at a moderate to high risk of pre-eclampsia take a low dose (75mg) of aspirin every day from the 12th week of their pregnancy.

The advice has left some experts warning that women should wait to be prescribed aspirin before self-medicating, especially those who are asthmatic or have stomach problems.

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