27/08/2010 09:59 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Twenty-Three Book Deal For SIX-Year-Old

Budding wordsmith Leo Hunter has become the envy of struggling novelists around the world after signing a multi-book deal at the tender age of six.

Leo, who says he wants to be 'more famous than JK Rowling' initially wrote a novella about his friendship with his pet Alsatian, Kugar.

His mum, Jamie, 29, herself an author, was so impressed with her son's prose that she contacted publishers in the UK and the US. American company Strategic Book Publishing snapped up Leo's work, and demanded twenty-three more stories on the same theme.

Leo, who lives in Derby, will write under the pseudonym JS Huntlands, and is set to earn 20 when sales exceed 500.

His proud mum said she and Leo's teachers were ecstatic about the news, particularly as his school report had previously said his composition skills needed improvement: 'He was told he needed to remember there's a beginning, middle and end!' she told reporters.

Leo said his new found career as a novelist made him 'very happy': 'I like Harry Potter but I like my books even more. Writing makes me very happy - it's so interesting.'

What do you think?
An exceptionally talented 6-year-old? Or is the fact his mum is an author the key to his success?