Outdoor Design: Tree Dining In Thailand

31/08/2010 13:55 | Updated 22 May 2015

dinning room in a tree ThailandCould you, would you, dine in a tree? Photo: Soneva Kiri resort

A hotel that takes eating out to new heights

The Six Senses Soneva Kiri resort in Thailand is anything but ordinary. Located on Koh Kood, a pristine island off the coast of Thailand, near neighbouring Cambodia, Soneva Kiri is only about an hour south of Bangkok, but it may as well be worlds away; it requires a small plane and subsequent boat ride to get there.

It also features one of the most unusual amenities we've ever seen at a resort: tree pod dining.

Say what?

Tree pod dining! The dining pod, a rigid frame of woven rattan formed into a cocoon-like shape, is attached to a tree 16 feet in the air, and it takes the concept of in-air dining to new heights. You can look out at panoramic views of the white sand beach and turquoise waters below.

So how the heck do you get up there? Up to four people board the pod and then it is raised up with a safety winch system, which is basically a tension rope device.

And what about the service? Get this - the lucky waiter is attached to a zip wire and flies through the air, bringing your food and beverages directly to you!

villa in ThailandTake me there now! A beach villa suite at Soneva Kiri. Photo: Herbert Ypma

Soneva Kiri has 42 pool villas and 20 private residences, including a zero-carbon-emissions bio-climatically designed Eco Villa. Some of the villas even come with an electric car and charging station for cruising around the property. Sadly, the rooms aren't cheap; one night can cost over $1000 (£640).

Another unique amenity; the hotel has an ice cream parlour and adjoining chocolate room. The ice cream parlour features over 60 flavours of handmade sorbet, gelato and ice cream, and the chocolate room has Fair Trade premium chocolate, including mousses, biscuits, drinks, bon-bons or truffles. After your tree pod dinner, you can mosey on over and grab something to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Thailand hotelA perfect spot to eat the hotel's homemade ice cream is the private beach reserve (above). Photo: Kiattipong Panchee

So, there's just one question left to ask - when do we leave?

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