Kylie Makes Another Shoe Statement With YSL Mohawk Pumps

22/11/2017 10:55 GMT


Kylie's fashion statements have been getting bolder and bolder (gold lace, feathers and a supermodel's face are just a few of her more directional outfits of late). Now, she's becoming the poster girl for footwear fashion statements: yesterday it was her brown and blue Louboutin ankle boots that had people talking, and now it's a pair of suede YSL Mohawk pumps.

Kylie was spotted running errands in London in a sheer pink dress over black tights, paired with the black suede £640 YSL shoes, which are about as fashion-forward as they come, with fringed goat hair sprouting from the back of the shoe which resembles the favoured hairstyle of punk rockers (and Agyness Deyn).

What do you think of Kylie's statement heels?