Hair Basics: Highly Textured Hair

24/11/2017 11:29 GMT

Textured hair can be difficult to manage. But there are a few simple tips that can keep frizz and dryness under control.
Ted Gibson, celebrity stylist, says it's important to shampoo less. "Women with this type of hair are not too concerned with oily hair. Sometimes natural oils are better for this type of hair. Shampooing once a week helps with that," he notes.

Gibson also says conditioning daily is essential. "Every time you wet your hair, use a little bit of conditioner," he says. "This will moisturise and give it the conditioning that it needs."

While most of us go months without a cut, Gibson is firm on this hair type getting trimmed every four to six weeks. "Highly textured hair tends to get frayed on the ends more easily," says Gibson, making it appear untidy and undefined. As for the cut, Gibson says to opt for layers over a blunt cut. "You want there to be different variants and lengths so that you have a lot of fullness and sexiness."

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Hair Basics: Highly textured hair

It's the hair everyone wants (voluminous curls) but the one that those who have it, hate (or slightly dislike at times). Between frizz, dryness and lack of shine, it can be difficult to maintain. Here, star stylist Ted Gibson offers tips on how to easily style (and tame) that misbehaving mane.

Hair Basics: Highly textured hair

Highly textured hair has a tendency to be dry, which makes it appear dull. To add moisture and shine, Gibson says to mix one part gel with one part shine lotion and apply it all over the hair. Allow the hair to air dry or use a diffuser to keep curls under control.

TIP: Never use a standard blow dryer on highly textured hair (unless you are straightening it). The uncontrolled airflow will cause curls to frizz and loose their shape. The diffuser attachment distributes heat gently and evenly over the hair, keeping curls under control.

Hair Basics: Highly textured hair

To define and separate the curl even more, Gibson likes to use a small barrel curling iron. Working in sections, open the barrel of the iron and wrap the hair around it, leaving the ends of the hair out. Leaving the ends straight, says Gibson, "Creates a more natural looking curl." After curling, gently pull each individual curl apart for added softness.

PRO TIP: Always make sure the hair is 100-percent dry before using heating tools; otherwise they can dry and scorch the hair.

Hair Basics: Highly textured hair

Spray the hair with a lightweight, flexible hold hairspray to finish. This keeps flyaways under control and adds a final touch of shine.

PRO TIP: The more you touch textured hair the more it frizzes. Once styled, do your best to keep your hands off your hair.

Hair Basics: Highly textured hair

From frizzy and fluffy to smooth, voluminous and defined.

Hair Basics: Highly textured hair

Big, beautiful and under control!

Hair Basics: Highly textured hair