Hells Angels Sue Alexander McQueen

21/11/2017 05:07 GMT

A model from an Alexander McQueen catwalk show A model from an Alexander McQueen catwalk show. Photo: Getty

The world of edgy high fashion is being taken on by a group of angry motorcyclists; the Hells Angels to be precise.

A complaint filed in federal court in California earlier this week by the Hells Angels Motorcycle Corporation alleges that the Alexander McQueen brand, breached trademark protections, according to reports.

A four-finger "Hell's Knuckle Duster" ring that carries a winged death's head design is cited, as is a handbag with a similar motif. There is also a dress and a silk scarf with designs that incorporate what the HAMC alleges are also trademark-protected symbols.

News of the lawsuit follows reports yesterday that the costume designer for the upcoming Harry Potter film had plagiarised one of McQueen's designs in the film.