Girls Aged 10 'Prefer Alcopops' To Coke And Juices

23/11/2017 02:16 GMT

Girls as young as 10 have named vodka-laced alcopop WKD their favourite drink in a UK survey.

Shocked health workers had expected pupils to talk about coca cola and juices.

But instead they found the brightly-coloured WKD was 'by far' the most popular answer when Year 6 schoolgirls were asked what their preferred drink was. The survey was conducted at three primary schools for the NHS South East Essex health trust.

Ray Hatter, a substance misuse specialist for the trust, said the findings were "disturbing".

"This problem is not just at the schools we visited - it is more widespread," he said.

'Every time you give a child one of those, you are giving them more than a pub measure of whisky.'

We were horrified by this. What do you think?

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