Beauty Moment Of The Day: Vivienne Westwood

04/03/2011 23:05 | Updated 22 May 2015

A touch of royalty at Vivienne Westwood. Photo: Getty

DESIGNER: Vivienne Westwood

THE LOOK: World Wide Women. In other words, women are the guardians of culture - and this strength shown by Dame Viv's use of warpaint.

WHY IT WORKS: OK, so this is more of a Halloween look than a Friday night at the pub, but we love the sheer drama and power of smeared white and black warpaint. Coupled, perfectly, with a dishevelled power perm.

RUNWAY TO REAL WAY: The message here is a metaphorical one. For Vivienne Westwood, great fashion is far removed from being a pastime for the weaker sex; it can demonstrate power, freedom, even nobility. So while the boardroom might be uncomfortable with full on warpaint (although we're not ruling it out), there is something primitive and powerful about a bold beauty statement. Whether that's a eye-popping red lip or and thick smudge of kohl, ladies, it's time to chose you armour.

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