The Perfect 10: Hair Conditioning Treatments

15/03/2011 19:05 | Updated 22 May 2015

Whether it's wind-whipped locks, sun-stressed hair or an addiction to straighteners, there's plenty of factors that can have an adverse effect on your crowning glory. So why not restore it with one of these nourishing conditioning treatments?

From fine hair to split ends, we've got all (barnet) bases covered...,feedConfig,localizationConfig,entry&id=978264&pid=978263&uts=1296536405

Hair conditioning treatments

Best for: Straightening addicts

Can't keep your paws off the ghds? Use this hair-saver once a week to restore strength and elasticity to weak, heat-damaged locks.

Hair conditioning treatments

Best for: Colour-treated hair

This softening treatment is particularly good for highlighted blonde hair, helping to enhance the colour and keep your locks healthy at the same time.

Hair conditioning treatments

Best for: Split ends

If you're forever annoying your friends and family by snapping off your split ends, it's time to invest in this smooth tips-producing conditioner.

Hair conditioning treatments

Best for: Dry hair

Promising to boost moisture instantly by 'up to 63%', this is the ultimate moisture-giving drink for seriously dry, thirsty hair. And a mix of ylang ylang, rose and vanilla give it a gorgeous smell, too.

Hair conditioning treatments

Best for: Pregnant women

Fragrance-free and extra-safe, yummy mummies-to-be can boost hair health, gloss and radiance with this pretty product, which contains Ximenia Oil, traditionally used by pregnant women in the African Savannah to keep locks nourished. What's more, it'll make you feel good about yourself too, as 50 pence of each sale gets donated to children's charity Best Beginnings.

Hair conditioning treatments

Best for: Sensitive scalps

This intensive treatment will calm any irritated, sore, red scalps with cooling and exfoliating extracts, and also stimulates your scalp to improve hair texture and growth.

Hair conditioning treatments

Best for: Sun-stressed hair

Perfect for any hot holiday, this quick-working treatment will remedy the drying effects of the sun after a long day walking around sightseeing (or should we say lazing on the beach?).

Hair conditioning treatments

Best for: Thin hair

Need a va-va-volume boost? Castanha do Brasil and Keratin Amino Acids work to strengthen your hair and give it the perfect pick-me-up. Elizabeth Hurley calls it her 'little pot of magic'.

Hair conditioning treatments

Best for: Brittle hair

There's nothing more annoying than hair that breaks off, leaving you with little flyways. Cue this brittle-beating treatment, which reduces friction from brushing and helps strengthen the cuticle.

Hair conditioning treatments


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