17/03/2011 16:22 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Kelly Osbourne Reveals: 'I've Lost 50lb In 18 Months'

Slimline: Kelly Osbourne reveals she's lost 50lb in 18 months

Kelly Osbourne has been showing off her tiny new figure in USA OK! magazine, where she talks about how she's lost 50lb in 18 months.

She also spills the beans on what being the new face of Madonna and Lourdes' clothing line.

Read the highlights below:

Is looking this good the best revenge?
I used to open a newspaper and see "Ozzy Osbourne's Beached Whale of a Daughter" or something like that. I would be like, "I hate myself, I hate my life, I want to die." To see that and know the entire country is at breakfast reading it, it's horrible. So to do this now is the best.

How have you changed?
I grew up a lot. I believe that every human being has to go through things to find out who they really are and what they want. Life isn't easy. You have to make mistakes and learn from them.

What would you have said a few years ago if someone told you you'd be doing fashion and bikini photo shoots?

That they're lying! Even now, it's still kind of "wow." I thought people would see me like that forever. And just to see how things have changed in that one year, it's kind of incredible.

Now that you can wear designer clothes, is it exciting? It's a dream come true. The thing is, I was never fat. There is real-world large and then there is Hollywood large, which is a size 6. That's not fat!

What is the best thing you bought recently?
Everything! The fact that I could wear a midriff top... I couldn't believe it! Everything feels good to wear now.

How do you feel about becoming the new spokesperson for Madonna and Lourdes Leon's Material Girl line?
Lourdes is a really smart girl. I love the way she dresses, so [having them ask me] was a really big compliment.

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The Perfect 10: Kelly Osbourne

What's black and white and red all over? Kelly Osbourne on the red carpet at the Tommy Hilfiger 25th anniversary party in 2010. She may be all grown up but her quiff proved she still likes a little touch of rock 'n roll.

The Perfect 10: Kelly Osbourne

Her appearance at the 2010 Emmy Awards made Kelly Osbourne's dramatic weight loss very obvious. The star showed off her slim new figure in this black Tony Ward Couture gown.

The Perfect 10: Kelly Osbourne

After making a splash in black on the red carpet, Osbourne scored another fashion win when she changed into this white gown to hit the parties on Emmy night. Standing next to famously curvy Kim Kardashian in a matching dress? Now that takes body confidence!

The Perfect 10: Kelly Osbourne

A newly slim Kelly Osbourne hit the catwalk during NYC Fashion Week a/w 2010 in this bright red mini as part of Fashion for Relief.

The Perfect 10: Kelly Osbourne

Kelly O scored a perfect 10 in this adorable LBD at a Fendi party in 2010.

The Perfect 10: Kelly Osbourne

Marchesa was the obvious choice for Kelly when she attended the designer's show during Fashion Week s/s 2011.

The Perfect 10: Kelly Osbourne

We're not saying the colour doesn't suit her, but Osbourne didn't really need to go grey to prove she'd grown up. We're pretty sure the sophisticated red cocktail dress she wore to the garden party hosted by the mayor of Los Angeles for Gay Pride in 2010 would have done the trick on its own!

The Perfect 10: Kelly Osbourne

Osbourne looked simply adorable at the opening party for Odd Molly's flagship store in 2010. This summer dress went perfectly with the star's petite frame and retro curls.

The Perfect 10: Kelly Osbourne

Kelly posed with mum Sharon at the 2010 Elton John AIDS Foundation Oscar Party. Her lavender locks and vintage inspired Sue Wong dress got her a lot of attention on the star studded red carpet.

The Perfect 10: Kelly Osbourne

Only one month into Dancing with the Stars and Kelly Osbourne's body had already begun to change. The star showed off her evolving shape in this LBD by D&G at the Teen Vogue Young Hollywood party in 2009.

The Perfect 10: Kelly Osbourne