Teacher Left Foul Mouthed Rant On Mum's Answerphone

19/11/2017 20:17 GMT

Mobile phone An outraged mum has described how she dialled into her mobile phone's voicemail to hear her daughter's nursery teacher calling the five-year-old a 'f*****g t**t'.

Shocked Katie Astle's was so stunned by the message - left by 57-year-old Pat Smith after Katie's daughter Megan accidentally took an incorrect bag home from school - that she had to listen again to check she had heard correctly.

Ms Smith, who thought she had disconnected the call was clearly heard telling a colleague: "F*****g t**t took my bag home."

Katie Astle told The Sun: 'When I listened to the voicemail I thought I must have got it wrong, so I listened again. I couldn't believe it. I'm absolutely disgusted someone who works with children can talk about one of them like that.

'If she says that about someone taking a school bag home, what does she say about kids that are naughty?'

Katie demanded a meeting with Ms Smith and the school's head Mike Stevens, but says she was given the brush-off after playing the tape back to them. Mr Stevens allegedly told her they had to 'move on'.

She said she had been told that the teacher had had a 'stressful day'.

I don't think that's any excuse,' Katie said, adding that she will keep Megan and sister Ashleigh, seven, away from the school - Cobden Primary in Loughborough, Leics - unless Pat Smith is properly disciplined.

The complaint has now been referred to the governors.

Pat Smith told reporters: 'It was a big misunderstanding.'

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