Teacher's Pet: Behaviour Improves By 40% Thanks To School Dog

30/03/2011 08:34 | Updated 22 May 2015

Oscar, dog, schoolHere's a whole new meaning to 'teacher's pet'.

Cantell Maths and Computing College in Southampton, Hampshire has introduced its newest pupil - Oscar, a very well behaved chocolate Labrador.

Oscar was brought in to help with some pupils' behavioural problems a month ago. And the plan is working - staff have noticed student misbehaviour has almost halved in that time.

The friendly rescue dog is part of the school's 'restorative approaches' (RA) policy for pupils who cause trouble in class or have fallen out with friends. As part of the scheme, students are provided with a secluded classroom, where they can carry on with their work, or seek comfort from staff - including Oscar. Giving Oscar a cuddle helps them relax and de-stress.

RA co-ordinator Des Anderson said: "He's a best mate for the kids.

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