Eating Pistachios May Help You Stay Slim

12/04/2011 10:03 | Updated 22 May 2015

If you're watching your weight you may be trying to resist high-fat, high-calorie foods - even those that are good for you, such as nuts. But some nuts may not be as high in fat as previously thought, say researchers from the US Department of Agriculture. Or at least, in the case of pistachios, the fat they contain may not be completely absorbed by the body.

pistachio-nuts-fatPistachios: not as fattening as you might think. Photo: AFP/Getty Images, Karen Bleier

It's true that pistachios aren't the most obvious skinny food, but the researchers claim they are one of the lowest-calorie nuts, weighing in at around 160 calories per 30g serving. After testing the energy value of pistachios by feeding them to a group of healthy adults, the experts reckon the nuts are almost 6 fewer calories.

What's your favourite nut?

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