Games Parents Want Too

14/04/2011 06:03 | Updated 22 May 2015

What are you buying for your children for Christmas? And how many of those presents are things which you secretly (or not so secretly) want?

Here are our top 10 games and toys you might want to persuade your children to put on their letter to Santa; games you can play together as a family and enjoy as much (if not more) than your children.,feedConfig,localizationConfig,entry&id=950454&pid=950453&uts=1288783109

Christmas toys with the 'wow' factor

Live out your James Bond fantasies and pit the Aston Martin DB5 from Goldfinger and the DBS from Casino Royale against each other. Even Piers Brosnan didn't get to do that, £99.99. Christmas toys with the 'wow' factor This is the one I'm really excited about – Gleeks can play alongside their favourite characters belting out 35 hits from series one, singing alone or in harmony with other players and voice recognition technology scores you according to how in time and in tune you are singing. I can't wait. Due to be released on November 12. £29.99 without microphone or £39.99 with microphone, Christmas toys with the 'wow' factor Ultra-thin guitars and drum kits playable by touch alone (an electronic circuit is embedded in the paper) to turn your children (or their dad) into an instant rock star. Each features three licensed tunes to play along to, a built-in speaker and most importantly, a volume control. £24.99, Christmas toys with the 'wow' factor Basically a battery-powered gun firing safe darts which stick to your clothes – great fun for children aged eight-plus for outdoor tag-style games (even if not very politically correct.) £54.99, Christmas toys with the 'wow' factor This is something really futuristic – a game you can control with the power of your mind using technology which works like a simple EEG monitor. Players wear a lightweight headset with sensors on their forehead and ears which measure brain activity. By relaxing and focusing your mind, you can move the ball around an obstacle course. Spooky. Around £80 Christmas toys with the 'wow' factor Release your inner nerd with an updated, electronic version of the much-loved 70s word game. You can also feel good about helping your children improve their spelling and word-power. £24.99, Christmas toys with the 'wow' factor Liven up your dinner party (and the kids' parties, of course) with Wii Party which features more than 80 games including Hide 'n' Hunt when you hide the Wii remote and have to hunt for it (helped by the occasional beep) and Time Bomb where players must pass the remote around without shaking it, pretending it is a bomb. £30.99, Christmas toys with the 'wow' factor Your three-year-old might not know or care that his pedal car is actually a licensed replica of a real Ferrari or Lamborghini, designed in conjunction with the marques' own engineers, but you will. The cars are available as pedal cars or electric cars which go up to 5mph and feature flexible polyethylene bodies and deep-injected paintwork so your pride and joy shouldn't get damaged. From £129.95, Christmas toys with the 'wow' factor A boombox which looks like a real piece of Lego and is exactly ten times the size of a real Lego brick – what more could any child (or parent) want? It comes in four different colours, is stackable like real Lego, so you can attach the Lego alarm clock/radio on top. It has 1W speakers and you can listen to CDs or FM radio – there is also a jack so you can attach an MP3 player (or even a Lego MPs player which is available in the same range. Boombox and MP3 player, £39.95 each, available at Christmas toys with the 'wow' factor For Spooks fans - this might look like an ordinary watch but while wearing it you can record up to 20 minutes of video footage, over four hours of "evidence" or take over 4,000 photos. Afterwards you can upload your recordings to the Spynet HQ website where you can conduct video and audio analysis and even test it in an online lie detector. Spy Net Watch, £49.99 Christmas toys with the 'wow' factor


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