Ex Mayor Cleared Of Assulting 13-Year-Old Who Trampled On His Daffodils

19/11/2017 09:13 GMT

Ex mayor cleared of assulting 13 year old who ramaged HIS flower beds PA

A 62-year-old former mayor has been cleared of assault after he grabbed and swore at a rampaging yob trampling his daffodil bulbs.

Keith Gilbert seized the 13-year-old boy by his coat collar and told him off after witnessing him treading on his 30 foot flower bed - which contained some 250 bulbs - in Watton, Norfolk.

He then received a visit six weeks later from the police, who arrested him and charged him with assault after the CPS decided he had a case to answer.

He then endured a five hour trial, after which he was cleared, with Norwich magistrates adding the case should not have come to court.

After the court case, relieved Mr Gilbert - who is an independent councillor - said: "This is a victory for those who suffer vandalism. I was protecting my property."

What do you think? Should this have ever gone to court?