Dad Locks Son In Box For Two Months For Using The Phone

24/06/2011 10:46 | Updated 22 May 2015
Dad locks son in box for two months for using the phone PA
Remember how angry your parents used to get about your telephone usage back in the days before mobiles, free minutes, and phone companies practically paying you to make calls?

Well, we bet their anger never quite matched this barmy dad's: David Knelsen from Bolivia is facing JAIL after locking his son in a box for TWO MONTHS for using the phone!

Johan, 21, was locked away in the 6ft by 9ft space because he broke the family's strict religious beliefs on the use of technology.

Facing prosecutors, David Knelsen defended his actions, saying:

'It wasn't just the phone, he listened to the radio too.'

No! The RADIO too?

Did you grow up rowing with your parents over your telephone usage?

Did they install a moneybox by the phone?

Or were you banned from using it completely?

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