Eye Eye! Lady Gaga's Bizarre Painted-On Peepers

21/11/2017 06:35 GMT

Lady Gaga after her MTV Video Music Aid Japan concert, with big cartoon eyes painted on Wide-eyed: Lady Gaga removed her sunglasses to reveal a pair of spooky painted-on eyes. Photos:AFP/GettyImages

Just when we thought earthquake and tsunami.

And clearly Gaga had taken inspiration from her surroundings, removing her sunglasses to reveal two large painted peepers over the top of her eyelids - mimicking the style of anime cartoon characters widely associated with Japanese pop culture.

And to finish? Why a bra-flashing waistcoat, leather beret, leopard print bag and gold studded versions of her ubiquitous mega-platforms, of course.

See our pick of Gaga's top ten style moments from throughout her career below:

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