The Huffington Post UK Launch Live Blog: Arianna Huffington And An Expert Panel Discuss The State Of The Media

06/07/2011 19:01 | Updated 05 September 2011

Check here for live updates from our launch debate on the state of the media with Arianna Huffington, Alastair Campbell, Jon Gaunt, Kelly Osbourne, journalist Celia Walden and human rights campaigner Shami Chakrabarti. Richard Bacon is chairing the panel.

06/07/2011 20:37 BST

That's it folks!

Arianna wraps up with an invitation for everyone to blog. That means you!

06/07/2011 20:37 BST

Richard Bacon asks:

Can Murdoch just sell the News of the World? Campbell says he doesn't think Murdoch is too bothered about Britain and could sell-off the paper.

06/07/2011 20:35 BST

@ LaurenceDurnan : Richard Bacon has an iPad but also handwritten notes. There's a metaphor in there somewhere #HuffPostUK

06/07/2011 20:34 BST

Richard Bacon asks if printed newspapers will survive:

Celia Walden says they could become a bit like vinyl.

06/07/2011 20:31 BST

Arianna explains:

She says editors are valuable as the internet grows.

06/07/2011 20:29 BST


"Citizen journalism is all very well... But I want a surgeon to save my life".

06/07/2011 20:27 BST

Arianna on paywalls:

People will pay for financial information and "weird porn".

06/07/2011 20:25 BST

Campbell speaks:

"Good journalism costs", he argues.

06/07/2011 20:21 BST

An audience member tweets

@ jazzchantoozie : Bombshells from @campbellclaret tonight. He's no longer friends with Rebekah Brooks - and Wayne Rooney isn't that bright. #huffpostuk

06/07/2011 20:20 BST

Arianna says we are all "hyperconnected" and we should celebrate new media but acknowledge what is problematic about it.

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