SLIDESHOW: All The Front Pages (Sunday July 10 2011)

Huffington Post     First Posted: 09/07/11 22:10   Updated: 08/09/11 11:12

Sunday July 10 2011 is a historic day for newspapers in the UK as the New of the World publishes its last edition. The paper will be shut down following alleged phone hacking by some of its reporters, which has so far led to three arrests.

We have gathered all of the day's front pages below. You can rate which ones you like the best (and the worst) and let us know if you'll be sad to see the News of the World go in the comments.

News of the World
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The final News of the World front page is a defiant double-page montage of the paper's greatest frontpages, complete with a quote from George Orwell and a loyal reader on the reverse front.
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