Sir Paul Stephenson Stands Before Select Committee Over Phone Hacking

19/07/2011 12:02 | Updated 18 September 2011

Sir Paul Stephenson, the former Metropolitan Police Commissioner, is being questioned by a parliamentary select committee over the phone hacking scandal as a day of hearings involving some of the key players in the saga begins.

The Met chief resigned on Sunday night after it was alleged he'd taken hospitality from Neil Wallis, a man who had previously worked for Andy Coulson at the News of The World.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) is investigating how he and John Yates, the former counter-terror chief who stepped down on Monday, handled allegations of phone hacking and corruption.

19/07/2011 21:40 BST

The Culture Select Committee's Louise Mensch Twwets:

@ LouiseMensch : I can say that very many people wanted to end the session right there, and Mr. Murdoch personally insisted on answering my questions.

19/07/2011 21:18 BST

John Whittingdale Is Still 'Very Angry', And Discussing That Anger

Check out our bloggers' reactions to the hearings.

19/07/2011 20:52 BST

More On Piegate

@ SkyNewsBreak : Protester has been suspended from the Labour Party following attack on Rupert Murdoch

19/07/2011 20:41 BST

Paul Farrelly, The Committee Member Who Got The Murdoch To Admit To Paying Legal Fees For Mulcaire And Goodman Says He Doesn't Believe Brooks

"For those people who watched the broadcast they would have seen me ask about the culture in the newsroom with some incredulity that it was all the news desk apparently, it was boys behaving badly without editors knowing because I know that on difficult stories, editors always ask you where did the story come from? They might not ask you the source but they always ask you to stand it up, particularly if it’s got legal ramifications and the news desk is part and parcel of the operations, the heartbeat of a newspaper and for an editor simply not to know what was going on I still find very difficult to believe."

19/07/2011 20:19 BST

Therese Coffey, Culture Committee MP Says She Is Relieved Murdoch's Attack Was Not Worse

She says she believes the committee covered a lot of group. "It was a good day for parliament."

19/07/2011 20:13 BST

Lib Dem Deputy Leader Simon Hughes: Let's Clean Out The Old Stable

He says: "We don't want a press where dubious and illegal things go on with the complicity of the police."

19/07/2011 19:58 BST

More From Whittingdale

"The thing which immediately was clear was that predictions in both the cases of Rupert and James Murdoch and Rebekah Brooks that somehow they would be restrained from answering and might sort of try and plead the fifth that did not take place. Obviously there are ongoing police investigations and potential criminal proceedings but none the less they did appear to want to try to be as helpful as they could...

"I mean Rupert Murdoch perhaps understandably said the News of the World was only a very small part of the global enterprise he runs, but none the less I think some members found it very difficult to believe that he was completely unaware of some of the activities which were being exposed and indeed the illegal activities and subsequent convictions."

19/07/2011 19:35 BST

James Forsyth Says The Crisis Has Gotten Closer To The Tories

The news that Neil Wallis was informally advising Andy Coulson without the knowledge of any of the other senior figures in the Tory party is a reminder of just how dysfunctional the Tory party machine was pre-election. It is also an indication of the license that Coulson was afforded. The Tories cannot say if anyone else offered Coulson this kind of ‘informal advice’.

Read more at the Spectator

19/07/2011 19:33 BST

John Whittingdale Was 'Very Angry' About The Murdoch Attack And Wants An Inquiry

The culture committee chair tells the BBC: "I think there will need to be a full investigation as to how this happened."

19/07/2011 19:20 BST

It's Over!

Brooks finishes her evidence session, asks to come back when she is free from "legal constraints".

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