(POLL) Big Brother To Launch On Channel 5 On 18th August, With 90-Minute Live Show To Start

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Big Brother will be back on our screens in a fortnight, but will anyone tune in | Channel 5

Just when you thought it was all over, Big Brother is preparing to burst back onto our TV screens.

Sold last year by Channel 4 after a phenomenal run, Big Brother will be on Channel 5 from 18 August, according to The Guardian.

The Guardian reports that the show will kick off with a 90-minute opener, followed by another live show the night after. Final details are still to be agreed, but channel bosses will be crossing fingers that their multi-million pound investment will pay the same dividends in viewers, advertising revenue and sales enjoyed by the programme's previous broadcaster.

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Will you be tuning in to watch the goings on in the Big Brother house, now it's on Channel 5?

Yes - it's still entertaining, and with a new crowd of housemates, I'll be sure to get drawn in.

No - enough already! Past, past, past its sell-by date.

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