Britons Refuse To Take Tablets

08/09/2011 15:44 BST | Updated 08/11/2011 10:12 GMT

Are you reading this on your iPad, bargain basement Touchpad or Asus Eee? Well, if you are, then you may just about be on your own.

A survey of 14,000 people by Forrester Research for the Huffington Post has shown that take up of tablets has been remarkably slow with just 4% of Britons having bought one while 93% have a mobile phone.

If you are concerned with keeping up with the Joneses, or Johanesses or Jean-Jacques though, don't fret as the single-digit 4% tablet take-up is largely on a par with the European average, according to Sarah Rotman Epps, a senior analyst at Forrester.

Epps said: “Overall, we expect tablet growth in the UK to be quite strong, reaching 34% of the population in 2015, compared with 27% as the average for the population in Western Europe. Drivers of tablet adoption in the UK include, for example, relatively high Mac and iPhone adoption, high BlackBerry and Android phone adoption; good distribution channels for tablets, including 30 of Europe’s 52 Apple Stores, plus Dixons, Carphone Warehouse, and so on; as well as lots of English language content, there are a lot more apps to choose from than in, say, Poland.”

Forrester strategists expect the EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) tablet market will make up 30% of worldwide consumer tablet sales in 2011 (compared to 50% in the US), reaching 14.5 million units.

The same survey showed that an additional 10-14% of respondents said they would be interested in purchasing a tablet. So that means while we're not using them in huge numbers now, we more than likely will be doing so soon.

Will you be part of the tablet-owning percentage? What tablet would you choose?

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