Suri Cruise Shows She Can Run In Heels

09/09/2011 10:58 | Updated 22 May 2015
Suri Cruise running in heelsRex Features
She's the picture of a modern, working mum - except Suri Cruise is a little girl.

Handbag hanging off one arm, baby tucked perilously under the other, skirt flapping carelessly above her knees, and hair blowing in the breeze as she races from one appointment to the other. In heels.

Unfortunately, it's precocious five-year-old Suri Cruise who's the poster girl for the heeled-shoe-dash today.

She was snapped leaping off the pavement in New York wearing her favourite gold-heeled T-bars, flouncy orange frock, purple handbag and baby doll. Oh, and no coat obviously...

Does Suri EVER look like a carefree child? Even when she IS carrying a doll?!


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