Ben Goldacre Launches Nerdy Daytrips Website

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Jargon-busting Bad Science columnist Ben Goldacre has launched a new travel resource featuring short trips with a sciencey, or just plain nerdy, bent. is full of relatively easy to reach destinations including the Museum of Electricity, Dorset, the Planetarium at Greenwich, Bletchley Park and the Denge sound mirrors. More farflung attractions include the Orkney wireless museum, the rocket post on Eilean Siar and Ireland's west coast Marconi station.

Goldacre used crowd-sourcing, otherwise known as asking the reader, for the best tips on where to travel to for those with an interest in the obscure, the unusual and the sciencey.

The full list of reader suggestions for nerdy daytrips is on Jo Brodie's blog.

Most of the suggested locations are in the UK, not only surrounding the capital, with a light smattering of locations across the globe.

To add to the site, tweet @nerdydaytrips with 140 characters of geek travel enthusiasm.

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