Exclusive Puss In Boots Clip, Antonio Banderas, Salma Hayek And Lots Of Cats

27/09/2011 16:58 | Updated 22 May 2015

Before we begin, have a peep at this exclusive clip from Dreamworks' Puss in Boots, (and then read on for the reality of cat ownership)...

On Monday Antonio Banderas and Salma Hayek arrived at the Ritz Carlton in Moscow for a presentation of animated adventure film Puss In Boots (see above for exclusive clip). Also present were a clowder of cats. What followed was possibly the least stressful-looking photocall in the history of all cinema.

Antonio Banderas, Salma Hayek and a whole load of catsPhoto: Rex
Banderas, who reprises his role as Puss in this prequel to the Shrek films, proved to be quite the natural with cats and took advantage of the opportunity to showcase his natural affinity with the creatures. Salma Hayek (Kitty Softpaws in the movie) displayed a similar level of animal magic.
Antonio Banderas, Salma Hayek and a whole load of catsPhoto: Rex
Looks like there's more than a grain of truth in the old WC Fields line: "Never work with children or animals." We suspect from their expressions that the cats may now have a similar saying about not working with publicity companies and movie stars.

P.S. Well done to Salma for not picking a plain black outfit, though - black dresses and cat hair are a terrible combination. The cross print ought to mitigate any fluff-based fashion faux pas.

Antonio Banderas, Salma Hayek and a whole load of cats"That's the man who stole my dignity, officer." Photo: Rex
At this point we would usually give you a related picture gallery but to be honest we're struggling so here are some big cat prints. Yes. It's tenuous. Leave us alone!


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