28/09/2011 09:44 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

MyDaily's Diary Of An Intern: Part One

Day one...

My first ever fashion week experience was about to begin! As a warm up, I was sent to spend the morning at Harrods checking out the new Chanel exhibition (which was completely and utterly amazing, I might add!) It was literally a girl's dream come true. A winter wonderland Chanel style, with handbags, clothes, hats, shoes and perfume everywhere you looked. I sat on the train on the way back to the office thinking literally: what more could a girl want?

Well that was until I had experienced Vogue's Fashion's night out. I was just about to find out what all the fashion industry fuss was about...

Team MyDaily's first FNO stop was Selfridges, in search of designer X Factor, as she's probably now better known.) She walked off down the stairs, and we decided that it wasn't. Someone that looked very similar, but wasn't actually the real deal...

There was a New York inspired photo-set at the back of the store, so after a few glasses of champagne it seemed like a great idea to get a MyDaily team photo taken! The photo was printed and it didn't come out as bad as expected, and now it happens to be on the 'Happy birthday to us' page on the website!

We went back down the stairs and there 'she' was again. There was no doubt that it was Tulisa. As you can guess, my phone came out, and I became the celebrity stalker yet again! Libby (MyDaily's Editor) squeezed her way through the crowd and began to interview her. I wasn't far behind, snapping away and tweeting in excitement!

We decided to call it a night as we were all beginning to act like zombies, (the confirmation when Libby spilt her drink down her freshly dry-cleaned coat) and headed to the station.
I had a stupid smile on my face all the way home. I knew this was only the beginning of what was going to be an incredible week. I can honestly say I had never felt so exhausted and so excited for tomorrow all at the same time. Fashion week had officially started...

By Amy Mahoney

Coming soon, MyDaily's Diary of an Intern: Part two!