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Amanda Knox Verdict: From Prisoner To Millionaire?

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Tears of joy: Amanda Know is set to become a millionaire after her terrible ordeal | PA

Amanda Knox is set to become a millionaire overnight after a bidding war broke out for her personal account of being wrongly convicted for the murder of British student Meredith Kercher.

Newspapers reported that deals of more than $1million were carved up by US television networks, which are desperate to get the first interview with the 24-year-old.

But this is just the start of her potential to earn on the back of her prison ordeal as books, film rights and other appearances are said to be on the table.

All the major networks such as ABC, CNN, CBS, NBC are said to be in discussions to sign Twitter’s most talked about person.

According to the Mail Online, which incorrectly reported Knox had lost her appeal, the likely front-runner is ABC’s Diane Sawyer.

It says Today show’s Matt Lauer as could Barbara Walters, Meredith Vieira, and CNN personalities Anderson Cooper and even former Daily Mirror editor Piers Morgan.

Regardless of who gets Knox to sign on the dotted line it promises to be one of the biggest interview deals made in history.

In the US there is wild speculation about the possible deal. Msnbc reports Gene Grabowski, a crisis management expert with Levick Strategic Communications saying: “I think that anything with her name on it and her face on it will create an interest.

“This is the United States of Entertainment. There’s a constant market for entertainment.”

Knox was released on Monday from the Italian prison where she had spent the last four years there were rumours that Foxy Knoxy would be flown to London in a private jet to conduct an interview.

It was then thought she would fly to the US where a second round of interviews would take place late on Tuesday.

And it seems everyone is getting on the Amanda Knox bandwagon as one Seattle radio station apparently offered her a job minutes after the verdict was announced, reported newspapers in Australia.

There are also reports of a film being made about her conviction and eventual release. The Guardian, reported director Michael Winterbottom is interested with Oscar-winning actor Colin Firth starring as a journalist covering the trial.

There are also rumours of a possible book deal or memoirs.

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