Double Act: Gwen Stefani And Kate Winslet Hit The Town For Book Launch

05/10/2011 12:17 | Updated 22 May 2015

Gwen Stefani and Kate Winslet were spotted out and about in London last night for chef Giorgio Locatelli's book launch.

gwen-stefani-kate-winsletGwen Stefani and Kate Winslet at Giorgio Locatelli's book launch. Photo: Dave M. Bennett/Getty Images
While Winslet dressed down in a simple LBD, cropped blazer and minimal makeup, Stefani went for the glam approach (you can always trust Gwen to upstage the person next to her).

We love both of the ladies' looks, but we have to point out Stefani's volumised mane - the backcombed style definitely adds two or three inches to her height. She hasn't quite reached Cheryl Cole's beehive level yet but Gwen does make Winslet's do look rather boring by comparison.

Let us know how you rate their A-list style and shop their looks below:

Take a look through Gwen's beauty evolution below:,feedConfig,localizationConfig,entry&id=911862&pid=911861&uts=1280221444

Beauty Evolution - Gwen Stefani

Seeing her perfect light gold locks and seemingly tattooed on red lipstick day after day, it's easy to forget that Gwen Stefani's taste hasn't always been so classic. Her not-so-secret beauty past includes bindis, braces and blue hair. From "Just A Girl" to a global superstar, Ms. Stefani has come a long way, baby! Beauty Evolution - Gwen Stefani June 1996: Live 105 concert in California

Breaking onto the music screen as the mid-drift baring front woman of the Orange County ska band, No Doubt, Stefani's look was one part "homegirl", one part punk rock chic, and one part Indian goddess.

Beauty Evolution - Gwen Stefani December 1997: Billboard Music Awards

Taking her love for bindis just a little bit too far, Gwen went exotic at the Billboard Awards.

Beauty Evolution - Gwen Stefani September 1998: MTV Video Music Awards

Still rockin' the binidis, the No Doubt songstress created a rad rave-revival look by dying her hair blue.

Beauty Evolution - Gwen Stefani September 1999: Paul McCartney's album release party

A self-confessed makeup addict, Stefani told InStyle magazine "I haven't seen my real hair colour since ninth grade!"

Beauty Evolution - Gwen Stefani December 1999: Christian Dior boutique opening

Still pink, Stefani went light on the makeup, letting her braces make the statement. No doubt, teen girls everywhere thanked her for making metal mouths so chic!

Beauty Evolution - Gwen Stefani June 2001: MTV Music VideoAwards

Looking like Baby Spice gone bad, Stefani let her hair down (and a lot of hair that wasn't hers!) at the VMAs.

Beauty Evolution - Gwen Stefani August 2001: Teen Choice Awards

Matching her makeup to her So-Cal outfit, Stefani let her inner home girl shine pairing nude lipstick with dramatically contrasting dark lip liner.

Beauty Evolution - Gwen Stefani February 2002: UMG Grammy party

Ever wondered where she got her flare for makeup? Before Stefani made it big in the music biz, she manned a M.A.C cosmetics counter to pay the bills.

Beauty Evolution - Gwen Stefani November 2003: 18th Annual American Cinematieque Awards

In a clear case of life imitating art, Stefani walked the red carpet looking like the reincarnation of her character in The Aviator, Jean Harlow.

Beauty Evolution - Gwen Stefani


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