iFrustration: iPhone Users Report IOS 5 Update Delays

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Apple iPhone's new operating system, IOS 5, is now available but users downloading the update over night have reported long delays. Naturally they have vented their frustration on Twitter.

@jaargo tweeted "iOS5 told me "You have 0 friends" and removed my contacts... #iOS5 #error #fail". @shapshak tweeted "I giveup. Tried to download iOS5 6 times last night, 5 today.Going back to my old strategy". @marcsettle tweeted "Some 2.5 hours after starting (ie at 6am) I've finally got to here... >> #ios5 lockerz.com/s/146686430".

The new operating system will offer iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS a raft of services found on the new iPhone 5 including:
• over-the-air updates
• improved notification
• GPS-based reminders
• Integrated Twitter

Although you won't get Siri, the new virtual personal assistant, one of the key improvements is that iCloud. The cloud syncs all your iGadgets wirelessly, so your apps and downloads live in the iCloud, not on any individual iPhone or iPad.

To update to IOS 5, connect your phone or iPad to your computer and follow the instructions via iTunes.

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