New Parents Carla Bruni And President Sarkozy Take Giulia For A Stroll Round Versailles

01/11/2011 12:32 | Updated 22 May 2015
Carla Bruni and President Sarkozy take Giulia for a stroll round VersaillesSplash
Casually dressed in grey lounge-wear, but still looking every inch the supermodel mum, Carla Bruni, 43, took her newborn daughter Giulia for a stroll around the grounds of the Palace of Versailles yesterday.

But true to her word about keeping the baby out of the limelight, Carla had swaddled 12-day-old Giulia in blankets and held her close to her chest, with not even the tiniest glimpse of her nose or a hand being visible to the just-happened-to-be-there photographers.

President Sarkozy, 56, joined his wife and new daughter for the autumn walk around the palace gardens on their extended weekend break.

Looking very dressed-down with a jumper thrown over his shoulders and his shirt collar unbuttoned, President Sarkozy held his wife's arm as she cuddled their precious bundle.

And without even the smallest smidgen of baby to look at in the pics, one can't help but focus on that four-inch height difference between the pair...


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