Facebook Users Experience Privacy Fatigue

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Facebook privacy | AP

PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Facebook users are struggling to keep up with the "dizzying" number of changes to privacy settings made by the social network, a survey has found.

Almost half (48%) of those questioned by consumer magazine Which? Computing confessed they had failed to keep track of all the security changes that had been introduced, while almost a fifth (19%) said they had never altered their privacy settings.

Despite concerns about the amount of personal information being published by users of the website, many could be suffering "privacy fatigue", the magazine suggested.

Although Facebook has introduced a slew of changes over the past two years, respondents had on average changed their privacy settings just twice.

Rob Reid, scientific policy adviser for Which?, said: "Many Facebook users have never changed their privacy settings and those who have do it far less often than Facebook makes changes.

"This may reflect a disregard or lack of awareness for privacy or, more worryingly, privacy fatigue stimulated by the dizzying number of changes."

Which? Computing interviewed 953 people in September about their Facebook use.

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