£20,000 Incentive For First-Class Degree Graduates To Train As Teachers

09/11/2011 12:34 | Updated 22 May 2015
Would-be-teachers to get  £20,000 to train PA
Education Minister Michael Gove is to announce plans to give first-class degree graduates £20,000 to train as teachers.

The bursary will be used in a desperate bid to improve the standards of teaching in state education.

The brightest graduates will be offered the payout to teach subjects such as science and maths where there is a shortage of teachers.

The plans are part of a series of overhauls to the teacher training system. Other moves will include would-be teachers undergoing personality tests to weed out the weakest applicants and to reduce drop-out rates, and the withdrawal of funding to graduates with a degree of less than 2:2.

Teacher training programmes will also renew their approach to behaviour management in a bid to improve discipline in schools.

What do you think?

Should our children's teachers be the top brains?

Or will graduates apply for teacher training for the wrong reasons?


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