Hot Or Not: Brad Pitt In Thick-Rimmed Specs

10/11/2011 12:39 | Updated 22 May 2015

Brad Pitt (plus Angelina and associated children) is in Tokyo at the moment to promote his movie Moneyball. His promo style currently consists of long locks, a fine dusting of stubble and some thick-rimmed specs. Hot or not?

Hot or not: Brad Pitt in thick-rimmed specsPhoto: Getty
We're actually liking the glasses on BP and there's no denying he's a good looking gentleman. But, if he's hoping Angelina will be running her hands through his hair any time soon, he should probably invest in a deep conditioning treatment and fast.
Hot or not: Brad Pitt in thick-rimmed specsActress Kazue Fukiishi presents Brad with a bouquet. Photo: Getty
So what's your verdict on Brad's choice of eyewear?

And for more lovely chaps, take a peep at the gallery below:


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