Is Gaga Still Dressed For Halloween?

10/11/2011 12:56 | Updated 22 May 2015

Every day is Halloween for Lady Gaga. That or she got some spectacularly bad advice from her stylist on what the people of Wiesbaden in German actually wear.

Is Gaga still dressed for Halloween? Photo: Rex
To give you a rundown of her Wednesday wardrobe we have: platform boots; lace skirt with a short train (actually, it's floor-length but with those platforms it just looks stubby); shiny red corset; purple rinse hair; lace lampshade hat.

What would have been far more entertaining is if she had arrived wearing a quilted jacket, beige trousers and a blue shirt and pretended the man on the right was her long-lost twin brother.

Is Gaga still dressed for Halloween? Photo: Rex
FYI she's in Wiesbaden for the Bambi Awards. We're hoping she actually goes as Bambi's dead mother or something equally awful/awesome.

Verdicts in the usual place please!

And for more Gaga, check out her MTV EMA stage outfits in the gallery below:


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