What Your Lunchtime Sandwich Says About Your Personality

What Your Sandwich Reveals About Your Personality

The Huffington Post UK   First Posted: 14/11/11 16:20 Updated: 14/11/11 16:21

Do you enjoy a cheese and pickle sandwich at lunchtime? That's because you're more intelligent than BLT or tuna eaters, according to a recent study.

The research, by bread maker Warburtons, delved into the meaning behind our humble sarnie choices and found that there's more to our sandwich than meets the eye.

Researchers investigated the favourite sandwich fillings of 2,000 Brits and identified eight "key sandwich personalities". People who chomped on cheese and pickle sandwiches were more likely to have a high IQ, whereas those who preferred a meaty beef roll were impulsive.

"Personality traits tend to go hand-in-hand with personal habits and routines," says Dr Elizabeth Jones who led the study.

"This allows us to match the type of bread and filling a person chooses to have at lunch with a personality group. Down to earth people go for White bread, foodies prefer sandwich wraps and people who think realistically pick Wholemeal."

Does your favourite sandwich reveal all about your personality?

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  • Tuna And Sweetcorn

    Individuals that pick tuna and sweetcorn on white bread love order, routine and targets. They can often find it hard to relax, work ahead of deadlines, can be high achievers and have a tendency to believe they are always right. They enjoy a range of hobbies and seek friends who share the same drive and beliefs as them.

  • BLT On Seeded Bread

    The BLT on seeded bread eater lives in the now, believing that experience speaks louder than words. Those that pick this sandwich are often self-indulgent and materialistic. They love eating out, films and live music. A good sense of humour in friends and partners is a must.

  • Cheese And Pickle

    Those who go for the classic cheese and pickle are logical planners who like to surround themselves with successful people. They tend to be good at tasks and will always tell the truth no matter how tactless it may seem. They love solving things and are a fan of games and puzzles.

  • Prawn On Brown Bread

    Those who pick a prawn sandwich on brown bread are friendly and tactful in any situation. They are sensitive and tend to be very unsettled by conflict. The need to agree with others can make them easily led. They love fashion and shopping and seek friends with a good sense of humour.

  • Beef Roll

    The beef roll lover acts first and then thinks later. They love to solve problems and are great at multi-tasking. They often have an unwillingness to commit to anything that will interfere with their freedom. In a partner they seek someone who is attractive and they enjoy the thrill of spectator sports.

  • Ham On White Bread

    The ham salad on white bread lover often spends time thinking about their future. They are inventive and original. A real love of physical activity and the outdoors, they gain inspiration from their surroundings at the expense of observing and experiencing them.

  • Chicken Wrap

    Those who pick a chicken salad wrap are sociable and talkative and thrive on interaction with the outside world. They do tend to act without thinking things through. They enjoy spending time watching sports and seek a partner with a strong career success.

  • Egg Mayonaise

    Those who prefer an egg mayo on wholemeal are reflective, quiet people, they like to spend time alone and are motivated by private, internal goals. They find social situations draining and instead prefer to spend time at home. In a partner they seek someone with similar interests and values to themselves.