What Really Happened Between Harry And Pippa At The Wedding? (PICTURES)

15/11/2011 18:28 GMT | Updated 16/11/2011 14:46 GMT

Photographs of what we all suspected from the Royal Wedding have emerged, courtesy of photographer Alison Jackson.

In her intimate portraits of the Royal Wedding day, we can see a flirtatious Prince Harry and a coquettish Pippa Middleton having a romantic liason after the reception.

We can even catch a glimpse of Pippa protecting her modesty with one of Prince Harry's military jackets after a night of passion in Buckingham Palace.

Of course, they actually came from the imagination of Alison Jackson, who specialises in celebrity spoofs. Still, it's not a huge stretch of the imagination.

The photographs of the world's most famous bridesmaid were taken to celebrate the release of the film, Bridesmaids, which is available now on Blu-ray Triple Play and DVD from Universal Pictures.