The 'Vampire Facelift' And Other Bizarre Beauty Treatments (PHOTOS)

First Posted: 15/11/2011 17:43 GMT Updated: 26/09/2012 13:11 BST

We all know that vampires are in vogue right now but slicking on some blood-red lipstick is one thing, the 'vampire facial' takes things to a whole new level.

The £400 treatment, already a big hit in the US, is a cosmetic procedure that involves taking blood from the arm and injecting it into the face, Botox-style.

Once drawn, the blood is turned into a gel-like substance called platelet rich plasma (PRP) which helps it to clot under the skin and encourage tissue growth.

Once the substance is 'activated', either with an addition of thrombin or calcium chloride, it turns into a potent liquid ready to be injected back into the skin - via the face.

The 'vampire facelift', trademarked by cosmetic surgeon, Charles Runel, isn't technically a facelift but a non-invasive 'touch up' for those wanting to iron out wrinkles and maintain a youthful appearance.

But is it legal? Fortunately for beauty enthusiasts (and vampire fans), it is. The stomach-churning treatment has made its way to the UK and is currently cropping up in private clinics in and around Scotland.

NHS consultant in intensive care and anaesthesia, Dr. Jonathan Rhodes, offers the treatment in his private clinic in Glasgow and Edinburgh.

"We take 10ml of their own blood, put it in a centrifuge, get rid of all the red cells and you're left with a growth factor-rich and platelet-rich serum," Dr Rhodes told The Scotsman.

"This technique has been used in various surgical specialities - plastic surgery, orthopaedic surgery - to improve wound healing and get better results and it's now being used in the aesthetic industry."


Although this hour-long blood facelift may sound a bit extreme to those wanting youthful looks, Dr Rhodes believes that its safer than ordinary Botox which is a synthetic filler, as this treatment uses cells derived straight from the patient.

Does a frightful 'vampire facelift' turn your stomach? Weird and wonderful beauty treatments are becoming the norm, but sometimes it still amazes us how far people go for beauty... Take a look out our round-up of bizarre beauty treatments from around the world - would you try any of them?

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  • Bull's Sperm Hair Care

    Dubbed the, 'Viagra for hair', this hair conditioning treatment is derived from the sperm of a bull. Combined with a protein-rich Katera root, this treatment promises to help repair broken hair and give it a silky smooth look...

  • Cactus Massage

    A cactus would be the last thing you think of when dreaming about a relaxing massage, but the spiky cactus leaf can be used as a massaging instrument. A prick-free cactus pad is used to rub down the skin and help bring out the toxins, whilst absorbing a blend of hydrating cactus meringue and cactus blossom into your skin.

  • Derriere Facial

    It's not just your face that deserves a little TLC... In the US, the new 'butt facial' is a treatment that is designed to tone, de-blemish, massage, and polish your neglected derriere.

  • Placenta Face Cream

    The placenta has another use other than feeding an unborn baby - as an anti-ageing beauty cream! For the cream, lamb placental extract is taken to create a potent lotion which rich in nutrients and bio-stimulants, promising to revitalise and moisturise your skin.

  • Hay Body Wrap

    In Italy, you can indulge (if you could call it that) with a wet hay body wrap. But before you conjure images of a scratchy experience, this treatment has a twist - you soak in a water bed heated to over 100F degrees while you're wrapped in the hay. The unusual treatment is said to fortify your immune system and stimulate your metabolism.

  • Bird's Poo Facial

    A favourite with the Japanese Geisha ladies, this unusual facial made from sterilised nightingale bird excrement, is proving to be popular with Western beauty-seekers too. The treatment promises to brighten up the complexion and contains enzymes which act as an effective skin cleanser.

  • Beer Bath

    Although a cold beer helps ease the stress away after a hard day, but a beer bath? In West Bohemia, Czech Republic, they believe that beer has super healing powers and have spas around the country offering 'relaxing' beer baths. Apparently beer has skin boosting B vitamins and helps those with high blood pressure. Not to be outdone, a spa in Japan called Yunessan boasts a giant bath full of Sake, green tea, coffee and even ramen noodles...

  • Butter 'Tightening' Treatment

    In Ethiopia, a butter massage is the beauty treatment to have for women hoping to give their lady parts a 'makeover'. Massaged in butter from scalp to toe, butter is applied everywhere on the body (in and out). The women then sit above a smoke hole in a gymnastic-like pose until the butter melts completely. This bizarre treatment apparently tightens vaginal muscles post-pregnancy.

  • Snake Massage

    In Israel, a snake massage is used to relieve heavy back tension and stress... you just have to block out the fact that your masseuse is a slithering snake! But fear not, all snakes are non-venomous.

  • Vagina Brightner

    Lactacyd White Intimate Wash has hit the Thai beauty market, promising to make your privates "safely fairer within four weeks" Because according to them: "Sweat and excessive friction from tight clothing can darken the skin around the intimate area, causing self-consciousness, decreased confidence or inhibiting intimacy."

  • Vagina Tightener

    India's 18 Again "tightening and rejuvenating" cream was advertised through the medium of song and dance. Rishi Bhatia, chairman and managing director of Ultratech India, told Campaign India: "18 Again is a first-of-its-kind product for women in India. This product is being launched in India post clinical trials conducted amongst women of all age groups under dermatological control.