X Factor Live Blog: Craig Colton Hints At 'Bond' Song - What Will The Other Acts Sing For Movies Week?

19/11/2011 19:24

Craig Colton could have a licence to thrill this week after he hinted he might be belting out a Bond theme on X Factor.

The singer admitted his song choice was a "little bit of a risk" but said it was worth it.

He said: "Saturday is movies week and it's a big song, a very, very big song, so it could be a song from the Bond films - you never know."

He also said he was happy to see Amelia Lily back in the competition after she replaced Frankie Cocozza who left after reports of drug use.

Craig said: "It's so good to have her back in the house because I've missed her. We struck up a friendship quite early on and when she left we were all gutted."

He added that he had "been in touch" with Frankie, who was "doing OK" and "keeping his head down".

Join in with our Live Blog below by tweeting your wittiest comments and we'll try to grab as many as possible:

19/11/2011 21:22 GMT

@ JRCMediaNews :

Tulisa: "Marcus is back!". He never went? He's amazing every week! #XFactor...

19/11/2011 21:20 GMT

@ brokenbottleboy :

I think Gary should be forced to issue an apology. That song is in Ghostbusters 2. Details, Gary. Details. #xfactor

19/11/2011 21:17 GMT

@ MarquesTrevon :

"The best girl group to come out of the UK"? so basically Kelly indirectly spoke about the standard of UK talent. #XFactor

19/11/2011 21:08 GMT

@ dazgale :

Singing a song from the movie 'Set it off'. You know? That massively famous movie EVERYBODY has heard of. No? Me neither. #xfactor

19/11/2011 21:04 GMT

@ igmorrison :

oh Misha. We need to get you back to your Rolling in the deep / Queen Victoria style epicness.

That was pedestrian at best... #xfactor

19/11/2011 21:01 GMT

@ MannyNorte :

A young Jennifer Hudson....YES! And the white suits her NICELY! Go Misha! #Xfactor

19/11/2011 20:51 GMT

@ Cod_Rob :

Basically for this week's theme you pick the song you want and then dive on Imdb with your fingers crossed. #xfactor

19/11/2011 20:50 GMT

@ RyanJL :

Tulisa not familiar with Think? That's up there with Cheryl not knowing Crocodile Rock. #xfactor

19/11/2011 20:49 GMT

@ ashmcgregor :

As good as Amelia Lily is there's no way she should have been given an Aretha track #sacrilege #xfactor

19/11/2011 20:40 GMT

@ iamjohnnydee :

Janet's song, always a tough job for the dancers. This week: sitting on benches. #xfactor

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