Thirteen Killed As Military Police Storm Tahrir Square - Photos

20/11/2011 16:10 GMT | Updated 20/01/2012 10:12 GMT

Thirteen people have been killed, and hundreds injured in an Egyptian police and army assault on protesters in Tahrir Square in central Cairo, Haaretz and the BBC report.

Eight further people were killed today, while two previously reported deaths occurred on Saturday and one earlier today. Nine hundred people have been injured, including at least 40 Egyptian military or police personnel, according to the BBC.

On Saturday, police officers, dressed in black and bearing shields and riot gear, moved in on a small encampment of protesters left over from a massive demonstration on Friday.

Liberal revolutionaries together with Salafist Muslims object to continuing repression by the temporary military council now ruling this country.

BBC footage showed protesters covered in blood and fleeing from police who threw stones, beat civilians with truncheons and fired tear gas.

Elections are due to begin on November 28, and some in the country and internationally have attempted to cast the political choice as one between hardline Islamism or secular liberalism.

The street battles demonstrate civilian frustration at the speed of remove, and potential military involvement in the country's rule following the elections.

A protester Ahmed Hani, told Al Jazeera "We have a single demand: The marshal must step down and be replaced by a civilian council." He was referring to Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi, Egypt's interim military ruler, and former defence

minister in the Mubarak government.