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Snow, Gales And Fog Forecast As Brits Weather Freezing Conditions

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Fog, Gales And Ice Forecast As Brits Weather Freezing Conditions | PA

Thick fog that descended upon British roads and shrouded the country in a gloomy mist is set to continue, with gales, ice and even snow predicted for the days ahead.

Hundreds of flights were delayed at the weekend, as dense fog made landing near impossible for pilots struggling with visibility at Heathrow and London City airport.

Treacherous travelling conditions are likely to spread to the roads as the mercury drops, with forecasters warning that ice could appear from this Wednesday.

Colder air blowing in from the Atlantic could see night temperatures drop to below freezing, while biting winds could see gusts of up 50mph in north-west England and Wales.

Snow was predicted to fall on mountains in Cumbria and North Wales on Thursday and Friday by independent forecasters but a more conservative forecast has limited predictions of snowfall to Scotland

Met Office spokesman told the Mail:

This week it's going to remain cold. After that, the general cold feeling is likely to remain as we go through the rest of December.

"The main snow risk this week will be in Scotland and the North-East. Today and tomorrow there will be a lot of rain in southern parts of the country. With cold ground surfaces, there’s a risk that will lead to widespread icy conditions."

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