Battle Of The Bubblegum Barnets: Katy Perry And Nicky Minaj With Pink Hair

02/12/2011 10:59 | Updated 22 May 2015

Katy Perry and Nicky Minaj both opted for pink-blonde hairstyles at this year's Grammy nominations ceremony in Los Angeles yesterday.

Battle of the bubblegum barnets: Katy Perry and Nicky Minaj with pink hairKaty and Nicky are even clutching the microphone the same way. Photo:PA
Katy Perry's hair is her own and appears to be fading to a mixture of bleach blonde ends and brunette roots. Given Katy's penchant for cartoonish and bright stage costumes it always strikes us as odd that she didn't go for full-on hot pink when she decided to dye her hair.

Nicky's is from her apparently endless wig wardrobe (wig-drobe?) and involves a blunt fringe and loose blonde-tipped ringlet curls.

The similarities didn't end with the hairstyles though as the ladies were both rocking some figure-hugging frocks. Katy matched her full-length gown to her hair while Nicky went short, tight and pale blue.

What do you think of the rose-tinted singers?


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