Ed Balls Dressed As Father Christmas: Political Head To Head

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Ed Balls and Santa Claus: Which one wins our festive head to head? You decide | PA

Ed Balls knows a thing or two about Christmas spirit.

The shadow chancellor dressed up as Santa once again on Wednesday night for the House of Commons children's Christmas party ("the only party for the children of MPs and the staff at Westminster,")

Both Balls and Saint Nick have well-known catch phrases - "too far, too fast" and "ho, ho, ho" and - but which of the two is better?

We thought we'd rate them to see.


There's an economic down-turn, so with everyone tightening their belts, even Santa could be queuing up for the dole. While 70% of Brits have admitted they're cutting down for Christmas we think an even higher percentage have watched - and cried - at the John Lewis add, so we doubt Mr Claus has much to worry about.

Balls is another story. After losing out on the Labour leadership and the chance to become Shadow Chancellor last year, his career looked down-in-the-dumps.

But following Alan Johnson's shock shadow cabinet resignation Balls is back as one of the two Eds at the top of the Labour party. And along with a promotion, Balls believes his warning that the government cut "too far, too fast" has been vindicated.

We don't think we've seen the last of him...

Who wins: Ed Balls


Father Christmas cannot compete with the the former secretary of state for children.

Balls, who has been dubbed "the most annoying person in modern politics" by David Cameron even has his own "questionable" salute to irk the PM. There's no contest - and we know who we'd rather have as a house guest on Christmas Eve.

Who wins: Ed Balls


Balls is happy to point out flaws in the government's fiscal policy - and without him we wouldn't know the government is borrowing £158bn more than planned.

The man who coined the term "post-neo-classical endogenous growth theory" knows a thing or two about cash flow.

And as he said in his recent Times editorial "good economics is good politics too".

Santa, on the other hand, doesn't cost a thing, and he comes bearing gifts. But the Christmas season is thought to cost families around a thousand (or £784 if you leave in Wales). Still, we think the season of joy and goodwill to all men might just be worth it. An easy win for Mr Claus.

Who wins: Santa, of course

What do you think? Vote in our poll and check out pics of Ed Balls dressed as santa below.

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