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Toddler's Birthmark Airbrushed In School Nursery Picture

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Birthmark toddler airbrushed in school nursery picSWNS

A mum was left outraged when a photography company airbrushed out her two-year-old daughter's birthmarks on her nursery school photo.

Little Omnee has marks on her cheek and near her nose. Her mum Nikki Allen, 30, was given a proof of the pics with Omnee's skin untouched, but when the actual prints arrived, her daughter's face had been airbrushed.

Birthmark toddler airbrushed in school nursery picSWNS

Furious Nikki told the Sun: "I cannot begin to tell you how upset I was.

"Omnee's birthmark is a part of who she is. We were just completely gutted when the photos arrived and we realised what had been done."

Nikki phoned the company, Little Stars, to complain, saying that erasing the marks was not the company's decision to make.

Birthmark toddler airbrushed in school nursery picSWNS

She said: "We're aware of what might happen in the future and that she may be bullied and find things difficult. We have considered getting the birthmarks removed. But that is our choice to make, not a photographer's."

The photography company said it had apologised to Ms Allen.

Would you be furious if your child was airbrushed in a photo?

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